Sensible Transfers: Chelsea


Sensible Transfers: Chelsea
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Chelsea are currently under a transfer ban, which makes a sensible transfers video quite difficult. However, by applying the same logic to players already contracted to the club, this video will aim to suggest sensible promotions and sensible re-calls in the form of youth and loan players who might feature in the side. In a way, the transfer ban forces Chelsea to be sensible. But what would that look like?

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Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. thandani dube says

    Can we get an update for January?

  2. Stripey3000 says

    5 months later than published I see this video. Not a bad analysis. Well done. Kovacic was really the only miss.

  3. Sreeram b kammath says

    Try real madrid

  4. Rowan Willing says

    Watching this months later is weird…

  5. Mondli Mathonsi says

    Not a Chelsea supporter, but I keep watching this video for the background song…. Someone please help me out with the name?🙈😂😂😂😂

  6. Mehmed Sabriev says

    Im now back here and Baka went back to Monaco and Jorginho is constantly starting for Chelsea it's always Jorginho alongside someone like Kante or Kova

  7. mp816 says

    Man this was almost spot on except for jorginho. Great job

  8. lokat4 ci says

    Do ac Milan

  9. Semantics says

    I've always liked Tammy Abraham

  10. beto collía says

    It seems that Lampard watched this video and followed the advice.

  11. Samuel Stephen says

    Luckily, Chelsea is the club of loans.

  12. Nate KANG says

    Rip… lol I guess that thing about Bakayoko didn't quite work out.

  13. SoggyWaffles24 says

    Great video, but there is one change that should be made. Barkley shouldn’t be in the starters

  14. Scott Kimber says

    Lost all credibility when you entertained the possibility of Bakayoko and downplayed Jorginho

  15. Michael Topete says

    you benched our captain hahah bro please sit down

  16. George K says


  17. Daniel Pavliy says

    This is the worst tifo video I've ever watched

  18. Ibrahim Salia says

    Do PSG next

  19. PirateRadioDude says

    Honestly i agree with the logic behind Bakayoko’s inclusion. He’s a beast when he’s on form and with the midfield places up for grabs, it’s a chance for him to stake his place. That’s why it’s disappointing to see that he has so far failed to impose himself during pre-season. He looks uninspired to play for Lampard that’s why i think a midfield option of Kante-Kovacic-Jorginho in deep areas would be more ideal. Loftus-Cheek, Mount and Barkley in the attacking spots

  20. Ouroboros Nagyok says

    keep: Kanté, RLC, Jorginho, Kova, Mount and Barkley (maybe Drinkwater for cover)
    sell: Bakayoko (can get a decent amount for him NOW and probably never again)
    loan: Ampadu, Chalobah and Gallagher, Gilmour

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