1. Marina M says

    Liverpool rule

  2. NeverDIE乂 says

    Fuck robertson

  3. MOMMA IQBAL says

    Fuck you Robertson

  4. Ghorib Syeiba says

    1:20……😂😂😂 what is mr. Henderdon doing to robertson ? So funny…..😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Tom Naylor says

    To me, this shows how much footballers are pussys. And nothing else

  6. Rishi Pawaria says

    Music- wizard-sixth birthday

  7. Kam Singh says

    Tommy Smith, souness, McMahon, shankly, would be proud.

  8. Kam Singh says

    Fabinho rude buoy💩🙉⚔️

  9. Nicholas Fedyk says

    This vid is absolutely inflammatory!!!! I Love it #YNWA

  10. Giema Abune says


  11. Tony ahanthem says

    Liverpool worst team 😂😂😂😂what a joke

  12. youssef barrani says

    Fuck for all liverpool's fans

  13. Ibtisam ur Rehman Yaseen says

    Alexander Arnold: look mom only I am innocent in this team …

  14. Gonçalo Mealha says

    I hate liverpool

  15. mikado meiji says

    man i want adama and vin dijk to be in same team so no one dare to start beef with em.

  16. mustafa khan says

    Ahahahaha I like Robertson the most ahahaha his attitude

  17. Ricardo Almodovar says

    Honestly tho, Liverpool is the most babied team in the PL

  18. Merry Setiawan says

    Mo salah no brutal

  19. Abdulla Arafat says

    background music name😐

  20. Sho KITAMURA [08N14M] says


  21. Yannis Koutrolos says


  22. Asyrof Salim says

    suarez is shit

  23. Jesus Gaspar says

    I like this new Liverpool good team

  24. Combat pro player God says

    Mane flops

  25. Mr dill pickle says

    Woah Mane is like a UFC fighter

  26. SY BOY says

    Robertson and Messi 😂😂😂

  27. Joel m says

    2:25 what a tit , don't square up to mane he'll accidentally head butt you

  28. NUFC says

    Liverpool are dirty scum

  29. JAO11 says

    3:39 Milner just had about enough 😂

  30. XxxLukexxX HD says

    Robertson is a little d**k jajajaja, I hate Liverpool they only do fauls.

  31. xHari says

    Fabinho looks like he’s murdered 5 teens after jumping him in a alli

  32. goku 128 says

    Lucky we had virgil by our side

  33. Hudson says

    Stop with the fucking music please

  34. rebeca santos says

    Eu amei muito esse vídeo kkkkk

  35. soulis chatz says

    The song pls?

  36. Alex The Legend says

    Andy Robertson is a piece of shit tbh

  37. Alex Portugues says

    nice video u know sound music

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