1. jonny car says

    Well Done Lads European treble champions YNWA!!!

  2. Anagbonu Mavis says

    We're Liverpool

  3. Meniana Soleman says

    Klopp cetak sejarah baru.memenangi club world cup 1 kalinya dalam sejarah liverpool.bravo juergen klopp.saatnya fokus ke liga inggris,pertahankan posisi 1 klasemen.

  4. LFC Spectre says

    We're Super World Cup Champions! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  5. Mala Dewi says

    Its nice to see this video, showing the atmosphere in the stadium .

  6. Kadamba says

    We are the CHAMPIONS… YNWA

  7. Sandeep Athwal says

    Wonder wots worth more money 2 the club….the CLubWCup or the Micky mouse cup we fielded a under23 side in..?

  8. Sandeep Athwal says

    2 dislikes 4rm ole & pogba😁

  9. Anupap Thepakun says


  10. Габи! says


  11. Bukit Barisan says

    congrat Liverpool

  12. own thu says

    ကြိုးကြာနီ အမြင့်ဆုံးပျံသန်းနေပြီး 2019 🏆🏆🏆

  13. xidigaha kajiado says

    Liverpool go ahead

  14. 杜顺财 says

    Hero come back

  15. J J says

    Congratulations Liverpool✌️we will see You guys again here with England’s national team in 2022!

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