A nightmare Merseyside derby at Anfield as the Blues suffer a heavy defeat to rivals Liverpool. Goals from Richarlison and Michael Keane turned out to be mere consolation as the hosts picked up the win via Divock Origi (2), Xherdan Shaqiri, Sadio Mane and Gini Wijnaldum.

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  1. masiga ronald says

    mane simply exceptional

  2. Abdirahman peacock says

    Great assist from mane

  3. nieooj gotoy says

    sack silva or everton will be regulatio

  4. Soinas Doyi says

    You can't be relegated. EPL without Merseyside Derby is no fun anymore.

  5. critic says

    If this was the last game of the season it would have been a perfect season for liverpool. Not only they become champions but also throw everton to champioship🤣

  6. entertainment mashup says

    +254 from kenya

  7. doliio volay says

    Santa Slippford gives away early christmas gifts .

  8. afutla qian says

    It's the season, love and understanding, MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERTON.

  9. Walter Fredie says

    Wabongo sasa

  10. DePeaceHunter says

    Am I the only Liverpool fan who doesn't want Everton get relegated?

  11. Anđelko Katinić says

    I wonder why Everton sold Vlasic. They would be very happy if they have such player now…

  12. Tate mctate says

    That's the 5th scalp klopp has taken since being at Liverpool

  13. serignesaliou gning says


  14. Kresen Naidoo says

    Suck it Everton fans ultimate suck

  15. bcvbb hyui says

    Thank you Mr Klopp for starting Adam Lallana; one of my favourite players in his preferred role. I think he still has a great season in him.

  16. Daniel Henrique says

    Coitado do Flamengo

  17. Simphonisenja Juli M says

    Best Gift from Santa ehh ♥️♥️♥️

  18. NVN says

    "Silva was sacked by Everton on 5 December 2019 after a 5-2 defeat to Liverpool" Wikiped said.

  19. Raimundo Barbosa Reis says

    Zaga do ewerton muito fraco três gols de lançamento só bola nas costas golerinho tambem muito ruim só sai atradado pega nada,ate o Palmeirad ganha desse ewerton.

  20. Irfanrq 27 says


  21. SandileBM78 G says

    Mane destroyed Everton in this game.

  22. Assietou Touré says

    Sadio mane the best

  23. aldi gugah praponco says


  24. Guilherme says

    Don't worry Everton, Flamengo will solve the problem. Liverpool is our regular customer.

  25. Samira Schimanski says

    Mannneee s game

  26. Alberto gonzález says

    Qe equipazooo!!

  27. Mimo Dentist says


  28. Doctor Bunno says


  29. Liverpool

  30. Dennis Novadi says

    I think moyes will comeback to everton 🙂

  31. Apostrophe FiveFiveThree says

    I'm coming to terms with a broken heart
    I guess that sometimes good things fall apart

    – Marco Silva

  32. Jumatano Aisha Hussein says

    Sadio Mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥mane mane mane

  33. Manuela Manuela Manuela says

    Lovren is back and liverpool win.

  34. Thanh NguyenChau says

    Mane created 2 goals from almost nothing

  35. Steve Austin says

    Respect for uploading the rape that they call 5-2

  36. naruto 11 says

    Wow! how noob everton LOL 😂

  37. liverpool fan says

    i feel sorry for everton fans their team lost

  38. bruno rafael batista says


  39. IZme Channel says


  40. Amir Asror says

    update: Silva is sacked

  41. Janainaa Vieiraa says

    E essa merda aí que vai pega o flamengo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkllllllkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKiki foquio

  42. Mia Wallace says

    Bring back Pete Reid Kenny lad !!!

  43. GreekForTruth1 says

    Not the end of the world!!
    Think of all the excitement next season,.,chasing automatic promotion and all !!

  44. Roger Seow says

    Love you so much Liverpool for this awesome performance!

  45. Sudi Lamadhani says


  46. ousmane dia says

    Ballon d'Or c'est pour sadio mané anné 2019

  47. Araz Sahbazli says

    Salah 💪

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