I HATE RACISM IN SOCIETY | Jose Mourinho | Spurs 0-2 Chelsea


Jose Mourinho reacts to alleged racist abuse aimed at Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger during Tottenham’s defeat to the Blues.

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  1. Ali Murtaza says


  2. harry dhami says

    Vintage Mourinho…taking credit for goals conceded

  3. Patrich Platnumz says

    Remember the day he trolled lampard and young player's
    Now those young player's banged him
    Cryyyy cryyyy mourinho cryy

  4. pritesh singh07 says

    The OUTDATED one.

  5. Ole is at the wheelchair lol says

    The humble one gone already the sacked one returns😂

  6. Kingjinder says

    Sour Grapes 🙂


    The Mourinho effect… Yay😒

  8. Robbziano Bare says

    It was a red card stop mourning Jose😂😂😂

  9. sore bitter loser perfect match pairing with trophyless spuds

  10. Zubair Khan says

    Lampard tactically got it on point. Mourinho expected pulisic, Jorginho and Christensen.

  11. Aymaan .T says

    That was an obvious red. He's so salty

  12. lawrence a says

    What a sore loser 🤙🏼😂

  13. Kockar Goljem says

    Dier v kovacic lol,one is a fridge the other is an elegant footballplayer

  14. Alex Matthew says

    The Apprentice beats the master A huge win for Frank lámpard and Chelsea 💪

  15. Tony Spyrou says

    Not so special anymore

  16. Spyros Constantinides says

    His just talk give him a job worshipping deir

  17. Thunderbird 004 says

    Aurir was fould in the box by kante. Clear penalty not given. Cud hv been a different game..

  18. A Sim says

    Sounds like he's still a Chelsea fan

  19. SAVAGE TV says

    He has started talking again

  20. Said Hassan Said says

    Morinho never accept that he is defeated, complains too much

  21. Alex Tarazi says

    Mourinho is like the "TRUMP" of football.

  22. michael murillo says

    I will say this. Willian or kante have to pull tammy and mount to the side during training and teach them how to control the ball better. Tammy loses it so easy and mount just doesnt know to keep it.

  23. Karan Nandi says

    Butthurt Jose

  24. Precious Izuogu says

    I knew the game was lost d moment I saw Dier and Sissoko in midfield. Those two need to go, pure garbage overrated players. Aurier too! Horrendous! Kane, hot and cold, performs against fluid back lines, struggles against concentrated centre backs. I expected more proactivity from you Jose. Gazzaniga needs to be benched, Sanchez too, give Vorm, Foyth a chance

  25. SAVAGE TV says

    Mourinho taught Lampard how to park the bus Lampard taught Mourinho how to move the bus

  26. mhtbfecsq1 says

    stupid racist morons have provided a distraction from Mourinho's embarrassingly poor management abilities. Poor quality inspires more poor quality. Racism was never a problem when Pochettino was there. It's no coincidence. And no i'm not saying that those doing the racism are not solely responsible for it, because of course they are, but their voices are being heard now because of the low quality aggressive vibe that Mourinho and his low quality aggressive staff have brought to the club. I could tell you a million reasons why Mourinho is a poor manager and why it is showing on the pitch. But the Mourinho fan boys will come with the cliché references to trophies, while not understanding the details which are significant.

  27. Emmanuel Mbu says

    Master of complains hahaha

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