HIGHLIGHTS | Norwich City 2-3 Chelsea | City On Losing Side In 5 Goal Thriller


All of the action from Carrow Road as City are beaten 3-2 by Chelsea in the Premier League.

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  1. Lenni Tikka says

    Norwish city can you buy better gk

  2. Chittipong M says

    Norwich nice teamwork,nice moving, good luck

  3. 진은주 says

    Pukki good

  4. Kenneth Carvalho says

    Buendia puts in some really good balls from corners

  5. RADITY A says


  6. chelsea cong says

    Chelsea is the best

  7. Lewis72 says

    This was just a practise for the Man City match.

  8. sagahammer says

    Music on the tannoy after a goal? Nonsense, what next fucking cheerleaders?

  9. Gan Freeman says

    Челси, ебаная помойка.

  10. Magnus B says

    VAR is a disgrace..

  11. k Justice says

    Relegation battle

  12. Mark Lawrence says


    Are my first Eleven

  13. eden zehqvi says

    Come on chelsea is the best norwich they mother fuckers

  14. yung mandemn says

    norwich is the new liverpool

  15. Khadar Maxamuud says

    tim krul, from nederlands is an amizing goalkeeper. I don't know why big clubs didn't choose him.

  16. waqas shaikh says

    Getting there to surpass the likes of man city and liverpool. Will be champions soon

  17. Hg Hg says

    Healthy Kante, Rudiger Odoi and RLC back and we should continue to score a lot of goals without leaking that many in our net.

  18. David Sonjoro says

    Abraham ☁☁☁☁☁

  19. Ferdy Almeida says

    im man u fan and also pukki fan 🤣

  20. Azman Matt says

    Mason Mount is the Hazard 2.0

  21. Amir ragragui says

    Chelsea are the best

  22. jaakko kansalainen says


  23. sepri s says

    thats a great commentary right there

  24. Zahid Zuri says


  25. godwin chikwita says

    New Drogba is coming TomAb

  26. entong sanih says

    pukki (indonesia) = vagina (english)

  27. Bahroni Roony says

    Chelsea Pertahanan yang lemah gampang ditembus.. Frank lampard harus merubah pertahanan

  28. Alexander Khlapov says

    Aquaman coaching Norwich like

  29. Boby Hazard says

    azpy capten ternoob ga guna, cuma bisa triak2 doank.

  30. Luke Woods says

    Hope farkes proud of himself , 11 changes, pathetic defensively again, proven pathetic signings in amadou, and utter embassment ! Good job Daniel, onto west ham for another loss and zero momentum

  31. tadele mokonin says


  32. Oakkar Zaw says

    6:21 what a defense our team :3

  33. Tah Sin says

    thanks Norwich City Football Club youtube for a unbiased highlight!

  34. Jp Sylvester says

    3:22 I know Azpilicueta was versatile but didn't know he was a keeper now too damn 😅🙈😂🤣😂

  35. zul fahri says

    What is the title of the song sung by supporters when pukki scored ?

  36. _SleepyKoala27 says

    Another normal language: PUKKI
    Indonesia language: MEMEK

  37. Eye Ligma says

    Chelsea fan here, so much fight and passion in this football club, bring on the rest of the season, see you at the Bridge

  38. Valentina Soto says

    Chelsea whazt

  39. Jamie Maharaj says

    I'm a Chelsea fan and I have to say both Norwich and Chelsea are fantastic with the ball but truly terrible without it.

  40. Dana White says

    Are epl clubs finally allowed to show proper highlights? well done

  41. Yahaya Moussa says

    up chelsea keep the fighting spirit high!

  42. Hafizh Rizky Adhiatma says


  43. THE KING DLS says

    How to team Norwich city in Dream League Soccer 2019.

  44. SAFC Tom says

    Tim krull was great it was just defending Norwich were Shite

  45. Billie Lambert says

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  46. Michael tomas says

    What A FINNISH #pukki

  47. samythesomeone says

    Beautiful club! Finland stands behind you. Come on you Yellows!

  48. Lius 88 says

    Good job frank lampard
    #from 🇮🇩

  49. Johnny Mejia says

    For a new promoted side y'all are doing great coming from a Chelsea fan

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