HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs Sassuolo – 2-2 – Ronaldo strikes again!


Relive all of the moments from our tie with Sassuolo, last weekend. It was a tight contest in which a penalty from Serie A’s Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo earned us a point. There was also a fantastic, pin-point, outside of the box goal from our defender, Leonardo Bonucci that took us into the lead before the game ended 2-2.

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  1. Amelia Nurf says

    Bernadeschi is idot people.
    He always in starting XI but he always played is very disappointing

  2. Amelia Nurf says

    Bernadeschi is idot people.
    He always in starting XI but he always played is very disappointing

  3. Bendu Dukuly says

    Nice too from Ronaldo

  4. Smo ke says

    SHIT PLAY…!!
    FIRED Mr Sarri. Mr Runner Up…
    U losse againt Lazio..?!! FUCK…!!

  5. Vination says

    WTF Ronaldo shouldnt have came to juventus. Juventus have shit gameplay and zero attacking play they are playing like kids.

  6. FN Gamerz says

    Many of them u hive it to dybala

  7. FN Gamerz says

    Why the fuck u dont give the free kick to ronaldo bastards

  8. Kathy Erwin says

    ,dlkdhjjnfjfnjcmvhikfhvjfmc. Jvjdicjfjfmehvhhghgyghghvnfuhrvhvhntugnjvg

  9. Kathy Erwin says


  10. mr balosh says

    I don't understand how sarri thinks about benching dybala is he drunk like I mean it if dybala and Ronaldo and higuin start they will be the best trio. I actually like the coach before sarri I think his name was max allergi he was a nice couach and knows how to start Juventus and btw sarri sold cancelo and bought instead Danilo cancelo is much better than Danilo I remember those days when cancelo juste to pass Ronaldo alot and he shoots and score fuck you sarri #sarrileavejuventusnobodywantsyou #bringmaxallergiback

  11. Riekhie Riezar says

    what happen with Gigi 🙁

  12. Christophe Ho says

    Juve so salty that they don't want to show replay buffon got chipped…hahahahaha

  13. Fernando Matias Obando says

    Buffon en s so stuped

  14. G KARTHIKEYAN says

    Its delight to see Ronaldo strike a fast & furious penalty kick.. ball travel like a Moto gp racer bike…….

  15. Давид Ристић says

    that's what u get when u play emre can

  16. ROÇKY Rk says

    Why Buffon? He is not old Buffon anymore..he did lot of mistakes along with ages..

  17. Manam Alagwa says

    Sarri his not gud manager

  18. Pes 2020 Mobile says

    Cr7's freekick effort hinted that those freekick screamers will be back soon.. 😀😀

  19. Nithin Prasad says

    Penaldo steiked back on penalty lol

  20. Tushar Kasana says

    2:24 ronaldo s freekicks are improving compared to the last season

  21. Jérôme Vernhes says

    What a bad positioning and game of Buffon 😢

  22. MRDR AJITH says

    King dybala

  23. MRDR AJITH says

    Dybala no😥😥😥

  24. Risang Aji says

    Conte loss ,1 draw 1 vs juve…win the seri a this season

  25. Khamsum Dybala says

    FUCK Juve would have won and still would be on top of the table if sarri put thier best player in starting 11 like Costa, Dybala, Scezney

  26. Krish Stha says

    Stycar plr had to passed ball to Ronaldo … mistake

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