HIGHLIGHTS: Juventus vs Atletico Madrid – 1-0 – OUTRAGEOUS DYBALA FREE-KICK! 💥🎯


Juventus confirm themselves as top of their UEFA Champions League group with a 1-0 home win at Allianz Stadium against Atletico Madrid thanks to Paulo Dybala’s sensational free-kick!

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  1. playerman says

    Merih demiral

  2. playerman says

    Loinlox TV subricer please

  3. Masih seru n bagus permainan massimiliano allegri

  4. Quan Đức Trần Huỳnh says

    What a strike!

  5. Paulo Dyban says

    You are the best fotbollar after Messi ans Ronaldo

  6. Ozymandias says

    Dybala > Ronaldo

  7. Gianfilippo Di Benedetto says

    Meno male che volevamo venderlo…………………

  8. Patrick Holmes says

    Forza Atletico Madrid

  9. Muhammad Maulana says

    Bravo gracias dybala

  10. Abdulcraft 08 says

    paulino dybalaaaaaa😍😍😍😍🤩🤩

  11. Tsapongla Mongzar says

    Forza Juventus!!!🦓🦓⚫⚪⬜⬛

  12. Marko Simonovic says

    1:48 that smile, that daamn smile!

  13. Immortal Official says

    Just fire Sarri. Change to the alegri again. Who agree to like

  14. Immortal Official says

    Just fire Sarri. Change to the alegri again. Who agree to like

  15. mila aep says

    pablo dybala número uno ⚽️ 🏆

  16. Aveek Das says

    Surprise, surprise!!

  17. ArthurRADO says

    Q gol foi esse kk

  18. Suffian Pian says

    This why mu want dybala

  19. InfernO says

    Tremendous goal of Paulo Dybala

  20. John Mckinney. says

    Better than Ronaldo

  21. Gammer Pietro 09 says


  22. Joy Simon says

    nice one

  23. garik baxramyan says

    Nice gol dybala

  24. opzz xsin says

    2:04 Da notare mentre inizia ad intonare l'inno dell'Inter. 😂

  25. Gammer Pietro 09 says

    2:04 perché era partito l'inno dell'inter?

  26. Gammer Pietro 09 says

    E la Juventus ha se
    gnato il numero 10
    Paolo…… Dybala

  27. misolou fout says

    great performance by MVP Dybala!!! Forza Juve, Fino Alla Fine!

  28. rama chandran says

    4.14 what a pass

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