Highlights Athletic Club vs FC Barcelona (1-0)


A great goal of Aduriz gives the victory to Athletic Club against FC Barcelona Matchday 01 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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  1. NinerFan 4 Life!! says

    Holy Molly mother!! I'm so happy! It was not Williams it was the 38yr old sub!! Good stuff beloved Bilbao!!!!!

  2. Iñiflow I says

    Aduriz es vuestro padre y lo sabéis todos

  3. Ozymandias says

    When messi retired, Barcelona gonna be dead im the dirt bruh

  4. Andrea Tollu says

    Vamos Bilbao💪💪💪

  5. Norberth Ambrus says

    Next Puskas award winner

  6. mohamad mohamad`` says


  7. đạt Nguyễn says

    Hahahaha lose

  8. Shomplak 87 says


  9. RolloxRA 2019 says

    Athletic Bilbao ❤️

  10. Toby 540 says

    Aupa Athletic

  11. Un Pollito says

    Is Barca missing Messi?😶

  12. miftahul huda says

    Velvarde fuer

  13. miftahul huda says

    Velvarde out

  14. pattibjee says

    this is way more beatifullllll then ronaldo and bales goals

  15. Martin Garcia says

    la linga smh lupe

  16. Johnneh590 says

    Aduriz is probably the most underrated Spanish striker of all time…

  17. Matthew Simon says

    The season just started and Barcelona already lost…and people said that Barcelona was better than Real Madrid

  18. Ricci Ribeiro says

    Not that it affects the season but hell of a goal.

  19. Nikolin Sk says


  20. Nikolin Sk says


  21. Jason A says

    What an amazing Goal!! Requires lots of skills.

  22. Gabbo_06 says


  23. Behrouz Jazizadeh says

    That Athletico goalie though.

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