1. thecount25 says

    Needs more AI.

  2. Brawler Cevheri says

    Thank you very nice car

  3. Young Stark Beatz says

    This Crusher can't destroy ''NOKIA 3310''

  4. vallon cubbing says

    Why in the thumbnail ITS an ae86 thats my favorite car

  5. Lash LaRue says

    My, that sure is an awfully hungry dragon you've got there…(!)

  6. vols deep says

    Just think that at some point in time, somebody has been inside one of these cars getting crushed… sheesh

  7. Buena la maqinita lo destrulle todo no queda nada nada autos de lujo i todo bacán la maqinita 🌈💪

  8. Todd Derry says

    I want one

  9. TRENT DUBOSE says

    Imagine falling into that

  10. Saiyan Prince says

    I don't want to sound at all

  11. Saiyan Prince says

    And that yellow car in the beginning was a Honda dang you are rude because her something a Honda is just going to be like oh my God I'm going to slap you in the face

  12. ZLD Smogless says

    4:12 that isn't even a machine supposed to crush a car
    14:30 it's a hungry thing isn't it!

  13. Jared Wayne says

    Keep dogs and children away .

  14. V-hh 私の膝の上 says

    Rip rect golf mk2

  15. Aastro says

    As a car guy this is extremely painful

  16. Julia Slavova says

    That red car is a pancake


    I typed metal crusher to find mettatons song from Undertale

    This showed out instead

  18. Ree kid Ree kid says


  19. Tut4You says

    6:10 is how low riders are made

  20. Dick Killrock says

    14:30 machine is an accident waiting to happen.

  21. Barry Sabahat says

    I’m nom nom nom nom

  22. Gary James says

    That Corolla made me cry a little.

  23. Spare14All says

    Good bye my loverr. Good bye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one foooor me

  24. Alan D says

    The last machine is how McNuggets are made.

  25. Wabefuhon says

    Needs more torque. I want to see unstoppable rotation.

  26. W Trolleybus says

    Love the idea of murderers & 'kiddie' fiddlers being thrown in alive.

  27. Steve Solaka says

    Automotive cruelty

  28. MrJohnisthename says

    This should be an option for people who don't want to be buried or cremated after death

  29. A E says

    Obviously not concerned about the battery acid and other fluids

  30. icebluscorpion says

    The car of Parking offenders get In our company also this treatment 5:57 and the rest gets the shredder to eat XD

  31. Gregory P says

    Catch a body part in any one of those, and it's going to be a bad day

  32. United Puppet Cartoons says

    1:17 damn, I hope VolksWagon has a good warranty.

  33. slagletoby says

    The most violent machine in existence.

  34. Ben says

    That's carnage

  35. Ronell Shelley says

    I like the split screen at 10:25 also.

  36. BRICKVIDEO321 says

    As I watch this, all I can think about is accidentally falling in.

  37. TheShagdog1313 says

    10:14 NOOOO!!! I want my owner back,,,, 11:45 park here sir. 14:54 your popcorn is ready.

  38. q1 1 says

    And this person gets paid to do this 👍

  39. José Roberto de Abreu says

    Muita emoção ao ver esse vídeo, obrigado, vou deixar aqui um convite pra visitar e se inscrever no meu humilde canal. Aí galera…me inscrevo de volta bj.

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