Chelsea 4-1 Napoli | Late Goal Seals Dramatic Comeback | Champions League Classic Highlights


Take a look back at Chelsea’s dramatic 5-4 aggregate victory over Napoli that sent them through to the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with it’s many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.


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  1. RedTwixy says

    GEET IN THERE 2.39
    Frank dosent miss these 4.16
    Get in there 4.24

  2. Lubuto Walobele says

    Wow Chelsea FC 💙❤️

  3. Devito 1993 says

    People mock Terry for dressing in full kit after winning the final against Bayern despite not playing. But they forget that he scored a very cruitcal goal in this game that contributed to Chelsea progressing to the next stage before eventually winning the champions league.

  4. indra iskandar says

    This was the real chelsea warriors

  5. Mamadou MB78 Bamba says

    En 2019 encore?

  6. bello abideen says

    I was a memorable night for me, I almost cut my hand with fan

  7. Aman Molakbai says

    Золотой состав Челси👍👍👍👍

  8. Eric Dao says

    Destiny lead Lampard, Terry and Drogba to the c1 tittle in their last time when played together

  9. Igamberdiev otabek says

    Chelsea number 1

  10. joe sizemore says

    The beginning of something special. What a run to the big one that year!

  11. slamet dwiriandi says

    Legend goal..Terry Lampard Drogba and ivanovic

  12. nah user says


  13. WHYGANK says

    Ramires and Ashley Cole save us

  14. santario santiago says

    Unbiased commentary

  15. drissa bagayoko says

    Drogba la legand

  16. Lubuto Walobele says

    Good play 👍♥️

  17. Maneez Khadka says

    The last goal was just …a piece of perfection

  18. Ny Ny says

    Commentator: Ivanovic gooooaaaal
    Ivanovic: I haven't even touched the ball as yet

  19. Ramisa Mannan says


    4 Legends💙

  20. 메벽 says

    This game makes me to be the blues.
    ivanovic's goal is the best goal for me

  21. hicabi secer says

    Drogba lovee

  22. Andy Jungl says

    4:56 damn that goal.. Ramires + Drogba + Ivanovic

  23. Havoc says

    Can y'all showcase all the highlights from our UCL winning campaign in one video? I wasn't into football at the time and only knew of our surprise wins against Munich and Barca, I didn't know we made a comeback against Napoli. Seems like of those seasons where you're just meant to win it and no matter how close they get, they can't beat you (aggregate).

  24. faoliveira says


  25. Robert Marira says

    Where is this flag?

  26. Arsenio Gomes Chorao says

    Drogba king of London

  27. Arsenio Gomes Chorao says

    We are Chelsea, Champions 2012

  28. OTHE the explorer says

    One of many wanderfull night from stamford bridge

  29. Jerry Quang says

    I'm hoping for the video we fighted barcelona

  30. EUGEN NANDO says

    It is my best game forever

  31. Ian Kamau says

    I hope lamps brings back this type of team spirit

  32. Darius Sale says

    I love Chelsea

  33. Carl Akselsen says

    Ramires was so underrated, he was brilliant at his best!

  34. True Blue says

    Drogba, terry, lampard, ivanovic
    Legend scored!!!

  35. Joseph Kapinga says

    The superior chealsea with talented and charismatic players.

  36. Bhieeae says

    Ivanovic Celebration is never forget for me..

  37. Bright Adjehi says

    The head of drogba⭐

  38. Kang's SeulBear says

    Ramires is seriously the most underrated Midfield legend of Chelsea

  39. Rachel Gwenny says

    wheres my mason??

  40. Try again Tuesdays says

    This was the first game I actually became interested in football

  41. Mark S says

    Those were the days.

  42. Neil Dickson says

    it was after this game i knew we could do it

  43. Fc เชลชี

  44. Virtual Humanoid says

    This is when Chelsea were amazing at corners and heading crosses, hope we work on that again.

  45. cari saya says

    my pleasure to watching the unbelieveble playing football by drogba

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