1. Thomas Collingwood says

    Arsenal are pathetic

  2. TOP FOOT 14 says

    Announce Ljungberg,I believe freddie can give us another INVINCIBLE season.Give Ljungberg the job & give him time. I loathe rumors of sacked managers coming to FC Arsenal.What good will sacked managers bring to us when they were not good enough to escape the sack wherever they were.

  3. wawan ridwan says

    Just make highlight

  4. 이시우 says

    Arsenal could do better, but it's a pity.

  5. Arnold Rudziva says

    Willock should just be straight forward instead of trying too much he ends up messing up , he needs to do the basics first

  6. Moon Pht says

    Willock should be out with Unai

  7. frank gunner says

    Not looking forward to the City game at all.

  8. Mr R says

    No urgency in the with they played, something is seriously wrong about this team, they need to wake up

  9. Al Rockman says

    Always do shite when luiz plays

  10. Mkhairula Suatumalam says


  11. YB8 says


  12. Djys Euu4 says

    Ljungberg out

  13. Oba Razzak says

    Martinelli & Saka are the future!!

  14. Steven mgaya says

    Arsenal baba lao

  15. 10,000 subs with one vid says

    Come on ARSENAL

  16. Klanibal FD says

    we are so lucky

  17. Mhreteab Real madrid እየ! says


  18. Waldo says

    Need to be more better

  19. Ebiegberi Adonkie says

    Willock and Nelson were horrible today

  20. The Professor says

    Arsenal needs to wake up!

  21. apis apis says

    Pishang arsenal apa nak nya

  22. Don Barron Studios says

    At last they have qualified

  23. zegi bro says


  24. Marcus Gotti says

    Cygan and Squillachi > Luiz and Sokratis

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